Amir sabongui dating site

Let me guide you through a series of sensual warm ups so you'll feel your feminine energy pulsing within you!

It's always been there, just waiting to burst forth and now you're going to get the chance to let it LOOSE!

Even if you do NOT have a "Special Someone" in your life, the best reason for doing these is YOU!

Think about these 3 important facts: Imagine the implications of THIS, when you start understanding the impact your subtle movements have on others.

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The secret behind why men are attracted to women is knowing effective flirting techniques.

(You will, too, once you've practiced the tips in my second DVD! They don't look rigid, move awkwardly or feel nervous. It's time to build sexual tension, my dear, and for this, you must flirt!

They ooze charm and are able to radiant their inner beauty.)Thank you so much for your encouragement, your sensitivity, your spark and your understanding. The art of flirting is ESSENTIAL to being a sensual woman!

I have been following your work for many years and I still need these DVDs as a reminder.

They will be loads of fun when I get the girls together to practice.

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