Buffy cazavampiros 5x22 online dating

The overall arc of the Initiative and Franken-esque Adam was a little weak and underdeveloped.Of course, the reason behind this was probably because no one wanted to apply that much makeup to the guy… Best Episode: “Hush” (4x10, the series’ landmark silent episode), but “Restless” (4x22) is an honorable mention. Better, there was a musical episode that actually tied in with the themes and character hardships and strengthened the sentiment that where words fail, music speaks.Marsters is probably the finest actor of the season.Xander hits full maturity and becomes the true hero we all knew he could be. And finally, we got one of the greatest, most moving series finales in television history. Cons: With the exception of two or three actors, everyone felt very bored and tired.Cons: Because it was the second season and many things were still rough, there were some filler episodes where essentially nothing happened. Buffy finds out about Spike's resurrection, but it is too late to do anything about it.Romances heat up when Willow met taciturn musician/werewolf Oz and Xander and Cordelia finally gave into their sexual tension. Cons: Very few, but it was a little difficult at first to accept the Dawn thing. Once the show made it clear, it was all too easy to hop on board with little Summers. Best Episode: Since “The Body” (5x16) is TV’s finest, it’s “The Gift” (5x22).

Cons: The makeup for the demons is pretty bad, and the soundtrack is the musical equivalent of Velveeta macaroni.By episode three, we’re deep into mentally abusive parent-child relationships, and by the season finale, Buffy performs her first Christ-like sacrifice to save the world.It’s a solid foundation for the series to come and contains great bits of clever writing.The quality of the film is worse than even season two, which premiered only a few months after this season ended.“I Robot, You Jane” was an allegory for Internet safety so obvious, it may as well have been a public service announcement.

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