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Of course if you want to feel like an executive from the start and you have the finance to get it done (and no, I do not mean finance it if you can’t buy it outright, but that is a totally different topic), then you could always go a more “Oval Office” approach and set up every piece of furniture and décor you could possibly need to handle a video chat meeting alone or even ten world leaders right in front of you in your home office.

If you just want to stick with the basics but still want to feel powerful, go ahead and order a red “emergency phone” to sit near you and handle all of those major life shifting crises on the spot.

It is a very good idea to have an actual powered through the pole landline at your house to make important calls in bad situations but more importantly so that you can get help in the event of an emergency.I did have one, two and even more desktops running at once in the past as performance machines, grunt workers, servers and the like, but with technology at the point it is at now and where it is going in the near future I am not sure I will ever need a desktop again.A server on the other hand, I may need my own at some point, but that is a decision that would be more about personal security concerns and quality control.There are many very high quality web servers available to you that are safe and reliable with very reasonable cost.This is easy; first off I do not recommend a printer stand-alone.

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