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The animation and the soundtrack simply do what they need to do…and that, rest assured, is plenty.

’Cause if the point of the first episode of a new series is to keep you coming back for more, this one succeeds beautifully.

We learn conclusively that Nagi cannot fight the bad guys without Jin…but if that revelation came as a shock to you, well, I've got a to Nowhere that you'd be interested in buying.

Even the little subplot about the kittens feels contrived.

And she is fine with that—and his selfish, moody behavior—because she loves him.

But her love turns to rage and thirst for revenge when she finds out that Sho knows full-well that he has been taking advantage of his amicable little slave.

Nagi may be a goddess, but she is a capricious one who is entirely willing to play on the emotions of Jin's childhood friend Tsugumi and to roll around the floor laughing when she mistakenly superglues her toy wand to the center of Jin's table.

Visually and aurally, there is nothing particularly spectacular or even noteworthy about this show.She also works her ass off at multiple part-time jobs.These two facts of her life are connected: Kyoko has been paying all the bills while Sho chases his dream of superstardom.Unfortunately, she realizes, when she attempts to exorcise an impurity that has taken the shape of a frog, that she still needs Jin.After a delightful first episode, the second episode of is downright disappointing by comparison.

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