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Checking will be from current row and from next row in a separate macro that calls Insert Rows And Fill Formulas. Has Formula Private Sub Worksheet_Before Double Click(By Val Target As Range, Cancel As Boolean) '-- Code example to prevent reinserting if the current row '-- or next row row has Column A cel empty (testing with TRIM). Count 'may alleviate some lastcell problems Target.

Enable Events = False 'should be part of Change macro Target. Enable Events = True 'should be part of Change macro End Sub Another Example User, 2004-05-10, did not want to reinsert if already done. Use INDIRECT when you want to change the reference to a cell within a formula without changing the formula itself.

lastrow 1 Then Exit Sub 'Row must be empty Rows(Target.

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When using a Debit card enter a letter instead of the date into the reconciled column. Select the row above where you want to insert the rows, this is also the row whose formulas will be copied down. Private Sub Worksheet_Before Double Click(By Val Target As Range, Cancel As Boolean) Dim lastrow As Long 'D.

Input Box(prompt:= _ "How many rows do you want to add? Brown, programming, Grouped sheets Dim sht As Worksheet, shts() As String, i As Long Re Dim shts(1 To Worksheets.

", Title:="Add Rows", _ Default:=1, Type:=1) 'Default for 1 row, type 1 is number If v Rows = False Then Exit Sub End If 'if you just want to add cells and not entire rows 'then delete ".

At one time you could ask the bank to provide with with a properly labelled checkbook, but now you would probably have toe chenage the titles yourself. The following macro will clear the constants from selection area(s).

You can see a representation of what your checkbook and a bank statement might look like -- Pain-free Bank Reconciliations - My Web CA, by David Trahair, C. You can install it in a toolbar menu, a toolbar button, or a right-click menu.

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