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The two cross fields, streams and railroad tracks, while traveling by truck, train and foot and camping by firelight.The final image shows them holding hands, as text appears, "See the conclusion at Journey84" The ad presents a photo montage of faces and says "We believe no matter who you are, where you're from, who you love or who you worship, we all belong.1: there are only 49 shades of grey, Big Foot is not real and Avocados From Mexico have good fat, according to a secret society that meets to lament all of the truths that are leaking out to the public.

Sign up for our Super Bowl Updates email for new additions and headlines as they happen.Google didn't have a presence in last year's big game.Google previously charmed big-game viewers with a surprise ad for its search engine in 2010's Super Bowl XLIV called "Parisian Love." Honda released a teaser for the commercial on Feb.Sort Ad Age's annual Super Bowl ad chart by marketer, category, agency and newest additions.We have expanded our definition of a "Super Bowl ad" to include all national ads between the coin toss and the end of play.

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