The woodlands dating

Cars can be parked at the private vehicular pull-in on the roadside.

A stepped path has just been built starting about 70m to the north of this pull-in, as indicated on the plan which gives easy access all the way to the top stands.

You are welcome to view this woodland at any time during daylight hours.

We do ask that you print these particulars and take them with you, mainly so you can correctly identify the boundaries and access points. Drive south from Liskeard on the B3254 for 2¾ miles to the village of St Keyne.

A visit to the woodland is essential before you confirm that you wish to buy it.

However their main value is in their undoubted aesthetic appeal and in the richness of habitat that they afford.

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The woodland floor is by and large clean and uncluttered with a ground flora indicative of long-term woodland cover including dog’s mercury, wood sorrel and occasional ferns.

In springtime Westnorth is awash with a dramatic display of bluebells.

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