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Among other advantages, microgrids have shown positive effects over the reliability of distribution networks.

These systems present heterogeneity and complexity coming from 1. the presence of nonlinear dynamics both over continuous and discrete variables.

The abstraction procedure runs in MATLAB and leverages sparse representations, fast manipulations based on vector calculus, and optimized data structures such as Difference-Bound Matrices.

LTS can be pictorially represented via the Graphviz tool and exported to PROMELA language.

This can further lead to optimised maintenance for the building devices.

Of course the sensitisation of buildings leads to heavy requirements on the overall infrastructure: we are interested in devising new approaches towards the concept of using ``humans as sensors''.

The project has two sides: a theoretical one, and a more practical one: it will be up to the student to emphasise either of the two sides depending on his/her background and/of interests.

This framework provides the opportunity of employing formal methods to verify properties of the microgrid.

Courses: Computer-Aided Formal Verification, Probabilistic Model Checking, Probability and Computing, Automata Logic and Games Prerequisites: Familiarity with stochastic processes and formal verification, whereas no specific knowledge of smart grids is needed.

This project is targeted to enhance the software tollbox Veri Si MPL (''very simple''), which has been developed to enable the abstraction of Max-Plus-Linear (MPL) models.

Formal analysis, verification, and optimal control of SHS models represent relevant goals because of their theoretical generality and for their applicability to a wealth of studies in the Sciences and in Engineering.

In a number of practical instances the presence of a discrete number of continuously operating modes (e.g., in fault-tolerant industrial systems), the effect of uncertainty (e.g., in safety-critical air-traffic systems), or both occurrences (e.g., in models of biological entities) advocate the use of a mathematical framework, such as that of SHS, which is structurally predisposed to model such heterogeneous systems.

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